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About Us

We have the right team of young dynamic individuals to plan, facilitate and grow your staff’s next team building event! 

With an in-depth knowledge of  managerial leadership, organisational culture and psychology, conflict-resolution, communication, stress-management and workshop facilitation, the Be-Local in-house facilitators team up with industry specialist to offer learn-through-play activities and professional workshops

Our Team:


Richard Hoff (Founder)

A motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Richard uses his knowledge of the Namibian business environment to turn start-ups into profitable businesses and recognizable brands. As a broker for Aldes Business Borkers and the owner of Be Local Technical Services, Sahara Plant Hire, Sahara Commodities and Inesfly Pesticides, Richard’s wealth of corporate knowledge makes him a formidable mentor who inspires teams to create shared visions of their future.

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Hennie Kruger (Facilitator)

From international tours to local entertainment events, Hennie has done them all! As the co-founder of Be Local, Hennie Kruger has built the team building programme through trial and error, improving upon every activity and every relationship with our clients. He has facilitated over 10 000 people through various team building events and team engagements.

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Alna Dall (Facilitator)

Women’s rights activist and public speaker, Alna, has a wealth of knowledge about conflict resolution, collaboration, work culture and leadership. As a Fulbright scholar and Mandela Washington Fellow, Alna has represented Namibia all over the world to cultivate a new ontology for African women that embodies self-reliance, confidence and compassion.

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Caillin Basson (Facilitator)

Caillin sought after film producer and legal enthusiast, who provides media literacy training to youth across Namibia. She is the Chairperson of the Board to the Namibian Film Commission, a Mandela Washington Fellow and a Trainer of the trainers for the Media Information and Literacy Learning Initiative (MiLLi). Caillin’s skill in workshop design and facilitation, legal knowledge and vast experience in the local and international film industry, make her an engaging leader on our team

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Rob Maseka (Facilitator) 

For the past 2 years, Rob has facilitated over 20 team building events for Be Local. Besides being a young business owner, he is also founder of Rob Youth Foundation that addresses social end economic challenges of vulnerable people, particularly the youth. Rob cares about his community and the clients he serves

But where? Anywhere, you decide!
For how many? Big and small, we team build them all!

Our Services Include:

Team Building
Client Engagement
Team Engagement
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Venue Hire
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4x4 Activities

Team building activities:

  • geocache 
  • toxic sludge 
  • bonding belt
  • bungee slip & slide
  • spiders web
  • spaghetti tower
  • plank walk
  • tug of war
  • gutter game 
  • blindfold square


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