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Professional Offering

By combining contemporary management theory with knowledge from industry specialists, Be Local can develop customized workshops that delve into the following subjects:


Authentic Leadership: The Temptations of Leadership, Dimensions of Authentic Leaders (Understanding your purpose, Practising Solid Values, Leading with Heart, Establishing Enduring Relationships, Demonstrating Self-Discipline)

Postheroic Leadership: Leadership as Practice: Shared and Distributed, Leadership as a social process: interactions, Leadership as learning: outcomes, Postheroic Leadership: What does gender and power have to do with it? The resiliency of heroic individualism, Post Heroic Leadership and the Female Advantage

Working with Emotional Intelligence: Competencies of the Stars, Domains of Excellence: The Limits of IQ, Expertise, Emotional Intelligence and the Great Divide; Emotional Competence

Managing for Value: Introduction to organisation strategy, customer satisfaction as practical requirement and social justification, financial performance as a measure of value creation and a guide to strategy development, exploiting distinctive competencies, the relationship between mission, values and resources,

Employee Motivation: The Four Drives that Underlie Motivation, Organisational Levers of Motivation – Acquire, Bond, Comprehend, Defend; The Role of Direct Manager

The Dynamics of Trust: Risk and Risk Tolerance, Causes and Blame: Attribution Theory and Self-serving Bias, Situational Attribution, Intrinsic Nature Attribution, Intentional/Hostile Attribution, Attribution and Blame, How Attributions Form

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Getting to Yes: The Pros and Cons of Getting to Yes, Bargaining over positions vs. bargaining over values, separating the people from the problem, focusing on interests and not positions, Invent options for mutual gain, insist on objective criteria; Developing a BATNA: Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement

Understanding generational differences for competitive success: Understanding generational traits and styles, ecognizing conflict due to generational differences, leverage everyone and win

Change Management and Communication

Communicating for Change: Connecting the Workplace with the Marketplace

The Pitfalls of Reactive Communication: What is reactive communication, Reactive Communication in Action, Underlying Assumptions, The Say-Do Conflict, Two Views of Leadership, Information Overload and Diffusion of Responsibility

Public Leadership in the Time of Crisis: The Transformation of Crises and Crisis Consciousness: Leadership Challenges, Crisis Leadership Revisited: From Containment to Reform, From Crisis-Induced Reforms to Reform-Induced Crises: Traps to Avoid

Understanding Change Management: Planning, Strategy and Mobilisation, Developing a stakeholder management plan, current state assessment, implementation and alignment including change impact analysis, Future State Design

A Strategic Communication Model: Visionaries and Missionaries, Identifying Issues, Reducing Objectives to Tactics, Message Delivery, Providing for Continuous Improvement


The Design and Implementation of Cross- Sector Collaborations: Propositions from Literature, A Framework for Understanding Cross-Sector Collaborations, Building Leadership and Legitimacy

Evaluating Collaboration for Effectiveness: Conceptualization and Measurement: The Importance of Complexity of Evaluating Coalition Functioning

Collaborative Governance Regimes: Systems Context, Initiating Leadership, Collaborative Dynamics, sustainable incentives, democratic decision-making, building trust, Contingencies and Constraints Affecting Process, Structure and Governance, Actions and Inertia in Collaborative Governance

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Our Services Include:

Team Building
Client Engagement
Team Engagement
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Venue Hire
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4x4 Activities

Team building activities:

  • geocache 
  • toxic sludge 
  • bonding belt
  • bungee slip & slide
  • spiders web
  • spaghetti tower
  • plank walk
  • tug of war
  • gutter game 
  • blindfold square


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