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CSR Team Building

We’ve teamed up with the ChariTree Foundation to give your staff an opportunity to build trust and do good


Maximize Social Impact

We've teamed up with the ChariTree Foundation to create opportunities for your staff to be actively involved in community outreach programmes. Build staff morale and make a REAL impact in vulnerable communities with our tailor-made campaigns!

The ChariTree Foundation is the non-profit branch of ChariTree, a social enterprise that connects people and resources to uplift vulnerable communities. ChariTree works with 62 (and growing) non-profit organisations and charities in Namibia who work tirelessly to uplift vulnerable communities in Namibia. Be Local has teamed up with the foundation to provide your organisation with opportunities to build relationships and make a lasting social impact. 

ChariTree has conducted research to determine the real needs of the organisations that they support. Their Social Impact Report highlights the greatest challenges faced by these organisations. By analyzing your organisation’s values, we align your vision with community outreach programmes that directly address the needs of these beneficiaries and we create opportunities for you to get involved!

CSR can improve employee retention rates, boost morale, build loyalty and increase motivation (1). We customize CSR campaigns to act as team building events and ChariTree can provide you with a CSR report, like this one they recently compiled for a client. To find out more about CSR Team Building, contact us today

But where? Anywhere, you decide!
For how many? Big and small, we team build them all!

Our Services Include:

Team Building
Client Engagement
Team Engagement
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Venue Hire
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4x4 Activities

Team building activities:

  • geocache 
  • toxic sludge 
  • bonding belt
  • bungee slip & slide
  • spiders web
  • spaghetti tower
  • plank walk
  • tug of war
  • gutter game 
  • blindfold square


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