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Learn through Play

The best way to encourage trust and camaraderie is through play!


Learn Through Play!

We believe that if it's not FUN and insightful, if it is not memorable! Our basic team-building package includes customized activities that will have you think on your toes and roll and the floor, laughing! Below are some of our most popular team building activities, but we will gladly create an entirely new game to suit the needs of your team building experience.


The entire team stands in a circle and we give them an interactive counting game that tests their concentration and communication skills.

Line Up:

Participants need to line up according to instructions we give them, but they have to do so without communicating verbally. 


Bang is a group game, played in a circle, where participants must react quickly or face elimination. One person stands in the middle of the circle as “the sheriff”,  pointing at other players who must quickly crouch while those on either side of them quickly “draw”. It’s a fun ice breaker

Heart Mapping:

Indicate an imaginary map of Namibia on the field and ask everyone to stand where they were born. “Towns” must then share what they love about where they were born with all the participants. Fun way to build bonds and share positive stories.

Nails Challenge:

Groups must find a way to balance 6 nails on one. Teaches communication stress management

Rock, Paper, Scissors:

The classic game but with a twist. Three teams of 50 must compete against one another whereby the first team to complete the game with only one winner remaining, wins the overall objective. A fun and interactive way to build team spirit

Build a hero:

Teams must pick odds and ends from a container. They then have a limited time to build a hero, a sculpture or artwork of some kind – and then to describe it to all participants.

Teaches shared values, planning, innovation and creative problem-solving.

Breathing Exercise:

Get groups to take part in a breathing exercise to relax and reflect on the day through guided meditation. Teaches the mind, body connection and stress management

Blind Retriever:

Inside a marked-off square filled with soft multi-coloured balls, stand some team members, blindfolded. The rest of the team on the outskirts of the square need to lead them to pick up their team’s colour. Teaches strategy, communication and leadership Perfect Square All participants must create a perfect square whilst blindfolded.

Spaghetti tower:

Build the tallest structure with sellotape, spaghetti, some string and a few red herrings.

Tallest standing structure wins. Balloon pop game – Teams have a different colour balloon and have to pop other teams balloons without touching.

Jungle Balls:

Half blindfolded, the other half guiding, the teams must retrieve balls amidst the chaos on the field.

Toxic sludge:

Teams have to move a bucket of water from a toxic area to a safe area without getting closer than 3m to it. Teaches leadership, planning and communication techniques.

Spider’s web:

A spider’s web made from rope with an exact number of spaces as there are team members, (each space can be used only once) have to get the team through the web without getting caught by the spider.

Bonding belt:

Teams are tied together and have to traverse a course (regulations) while competing against other teams and come out on top. As the players tied together they are really up close and personal with each other which also makes the group have to operate in each other’s personal space. Teaches trust, leadership and communication.

Tug of War:

A game of strategy and strength combined in the best doses. A fun ice-breaker that teaches team-work, cohesion and the importance of communication.

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For how many? Big and small, we team build them all!

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